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what have I been doing?

Oh man, sorry about no posts or activity at all. I’m just going to recap what I’ve done since last posting.

We’ve settled on a venue. Now it’s just a matter of booking our date (we’re so early that we can’t book just yet).

Hart House Restaurant Tent

Hart House Restaurant tented reception. Just to give you an idea of what the space could look like.

Bought our wedding rings! Not what I was expecting at all. Especially for him. Without giving too much away, we are going to be a “Tacori couple”.

These aren’t our rings as I want there to be a bit of surprise when people see it

Wedding dress shopping. Well, I’ll leave that for another post. But I have narrowed it down and looking back on the types of styles I was cutting out of magazines and saving on my computer, body type is VERY important. And I had no idea what type I was.

I would LOVE to try on this VERA WANG Ghillian dress but sadly it is waaaay over budget (try around $8700)

I’ve been to three wedding shows; two with him, one with my maid of honour. I don’t know if it’s shows like Say Yes to the Dress that makes me think I’ll be treated with the utmost importance, but wedding shows have shown me otherwise. Some vendors make me feel like I’m “unworthy” of their services. Maybe I don’t look or dress like their clientele but I think I deserve the same amount of recognition and attention. Maybe my wedding date is still too far away… Anyway, tiny rant.

And finally, we took our engagement photos! Well, they were more for him and I still want to take regular “cutesy” ones which we still have time to do. Here’s a preview.

Percentage of planning done: umm, 10%? (it’s all in my head right now)

Days to the big day: 569

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just plain confused…

So, what has this bride-to-be been up to lately? Not much. Not like any other bride, I should say. With the big day still being two years away, it feels like vendors don’t even want to talk to me. Like, they don’t give me their full attention which makes me feel “unauthorized” to speak with them; like I’m talking out of turn. Is it so crazy to plan a wedding two years ahead? But I digress as to what this post is about. No, this one is about my experience trying on wedding dresses. This isn’t like the first time. This time, I was prepared to find something. I had my mom with me and had a budget. I knew I wasn’t ready to purchase just yet but I was ready to have a bridal experience.

With David’s Bridal being just across the border, my mom and dad decided that it would be nice to take a trip down there for the day. We didn’t get to it until later in the day because we went to the mall as well, hoping to take advantage of our strong Canadian dollar. We got there around 2pm. Without an appointment.

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put another ring on it

With the price of gold and diamonds rising with no stop in sight (for example, a jeweller told us that a gold chain that was $599 before Christmas is now $999), I thought it would be a good idea to start finding my wedding ring now and not have to hassle with a huge purchase in the midst of major wedding planning (and paying!). At first, I thought I’d be ok with just having a simple white gold band for my wedding ring, as my engagement ring is, I must say, quite stunning.

Tacori Dantela Collection

But after trying on numerous bands with a bit of sparkle, I’m leaning towards a band with diamonds in it. And, as my fiancé mentioned as well, I don’t want to get a band I don’t really love in the first place and then replace it later. It loses a bit of meaning because it wouldn’t be the one that he put on my finger on our day; the change would be out of vanity.

Problem is that I haven’t been able to find the right band that that goes with my ring that’s NOT Tacori. And the diamonds wouldn’t be of the same quality or colour if I got it from a typical jewellery store in the mall (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Another issue I’m finding is that my ring has a slightly different shape due to the fact that my fingers are so small. Because of the shape, a perfectly circular ring (oxymoron, I know, but you get what I mean) would appear to stick out from the sides of my engagement ring.

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you light up my life

While searching for interesting lighting ideas, I came across this website: Their light garlands are beautiful! These are just a few of the ones that I really like:

Cotton Ball Lights

Frangipani String Lights

Flower String Lights

Selling for $8.99 USD for 20 lights, I’m trying to think of a way to use a few of these lights somewhere in my wedding, maybe for a small display of photos or just at the head table. But it’s still too soon to purchase any. Booked the venue yet? Nope. Getting ahead of myself? Yup. Do I care? Not really.

Percentage of planning done: 1.8%

Days to the big day: 812


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